Consolidate Pension as a Contractor

Consolidate your pension with Contractor Honeypot

If you come to contracting later on in your career, you may already have pension schemes in place from previous employers. That’s great – but what can you do with them now?

Our experts know contractors inside-out. Contractor Honeypot can guide you through the minefield and help you get the pension you deserve.

We can help you understand:

  • How to review your current position and whether you’ll be better off consolidating existing schemes

  • Cutting the management fees associated with your pensions

  • Making pensions easier to manage when you retire

  • Getting your savings to work harder for you

The problem you face

Running several pension schemes can be costly: you’ll be paying management fees and charges on every pension scheme. Not to mention the difficulty keeping track of how much you’ve invested in all of your pots.

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Why bother setting up a contractor pension?

Say you had £500/month surplus cash in your company.

You may think about drawing it out as additional dividend and paying it into your mortgage.

If you draw out a £500 dividend, you’re likely to incur personal tax on the dividend.

At 32.5%, you then owe £162.50 of tax.* Even though you drew out £500, you actually only contributed £337.50 towards your mortgage.


With a pension, if you contribute the £500, you get the full amount. It’s all yours.

Even better: when you pay that £500 into your pension, you also benefit from corporation tax relief on that of £95.

That means the £500 you contributed only cost your company £405. Your pension saved your company on its tax bill and netted a total benefit of over £250.

It’s a win-win.

*Based on a higher taxpayer rate of 32.5%.

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We are 100% for contractors – we’re always fighting your corner.


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