Pensions for Contractors

Keep hold of your hard-earned cash and grow your pot.

Pensions may not be the first thing on your mind as a contractor, but they offer more than just savings for the distant future. They can be one of the most tax-efficient ways to save your money as a company director. 

We can help you understand:

  • How pension contributions can be treated as allowable company expenses

  • The best tax-efficient ways to invest for your future

  • Who can offer you the best contractor pension plan

  • Making pensions easier to manage when you retire

The problem you face

When you were an employee, your workplace took care of your company pension for you. But as a contractor and a director of your own company, you’re entirely responsible for your pension contributions. Where do you start with investing in one?

Most pension plans are designed for PAYE-earners and take contributions out of your income after tax. But we know there’s a better way – the Contractor Honeypot way.

Save for the future and get immediate tax relief

Our panel of experts know contractors inside-out. Once we’ve assessed your tax situation, we connect you to specialist advisors who can offer you the best pension plans for you. Contractor Honeypot puts you in touch with a specialist pension advisor who will tailor a tax-efficient plan to your needs.

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How much money can a contractor pension save me?*

Say your company earns £100.
Right away, you’ll have to pay 19% corporation tax, which brings the amount down to £81.

To take this money out of the company, you’ll take home your income through a mixture of salary and dividends.

If you took this £81 as a dividend, it’s likely you’ll incur dividend tax of 32.5%. That brings the total amount you take home down to just over £54.

Most pension providers will take your pension from here – meaning you’ve lost £46 of your hard-earned cash.


If you were to invest the £100 in a pension, you can contribute the whole amount AND receive corporation tax relief.

That means you have up to £119 available for investment. And, once that amount’s in the pension, it can keep growing.

*Based on a Limited Company contractor working outside IR35 in the highest tax bracket. Tax percentages accurate as of March 2019.

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