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Why smarter contractors
use Contractor Honeypot

  • Dedication. We are 100% for contractors – and we’re always fighting your corner.

  • Knowledgeable. We’ll share industry insight on how to get the most from contracting and staying tax-efficient.

  • Advisor Access. We connect you with top advisors who find the best mortgage deals for you.

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How we help find you a better deal

Step 1

Fill-out a simple form with your details. Don’t worry, we’ll look after your data and won’t spam you!

Step 2

Our team will follow-up and ask some more questions to check they have all the right details.

Step 3

We will look at what your needs are and work out a plan to help you get a better deal.

Step 4

We select the best specialist partner to help with your specific needs and refer you onto them.

Specialist products for Contractors

High Street lenders and providers generally cater for people in full-time, PAYE jobs. Because you’re different, we are able to introduce you to specialist partners to find exactly the right product for your needs.

“Contractor Honeypot really helped me with everything I needed to know to get going.”

“Contractor Honeypot made the process of switching easier than I thought – I got a better deal in a matter of days.”

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